piątek, 5 czerwca 2015

Find your tribe

"Find your tribe, Push one another" writes Chase Jarvis - one of the most inspiring people I follow on Facebook.

Find your tribe. Push one another.

Tribe! - Do you have your own tribe?
People with whom exploring the world is a wonderful adventure?
Thanks to them, you look at the landscape spreading out in front of you with slightly different eyes and notice things you may not have noticed by yourself. Someone who will show you a different path which leads to a favorite place. Someone with whom you want to discover the new and the unknown? People whose world seems drastically different, but you come to find out it is just like your own. Someone who gives you a sense of safety on the way and during adventures. Yet a tribe is more than good companionship. A Tribe is demanding, pushing you to the new, expanding your boundaries, yet at the same time reassuring that together - you'll never be lost, even on the newly discovered road.
Wandering has freed in me the need to belong to a tribe. The paradox is that I usually travel by myself.....I laugh that I am a lone wolf..... I like my peace and freedom, the singular state of living my own adventure. Maximum perception of that which is going on around me requires a certain level of concentration, the need to make contact with strangers I encounter along the way is forced by my lone travel. I like the complete responsibility I have for myself during my adventures - I worry only about myself and my needs.
Wandering is an experience which is quite different and consists of : nature and experiencing her together - another words - the route and the tribe :) Also, the continuity of this experience - remembering previous trips and recalling our common experience. Walking along - I am part of the herd, the tribe. Walking - step by step, along a marked route I like to hear the footsteps of my fellow tribe members, waking behind someone, walking in front of someone, each being a part of the whole. We each notice something different, share joyful cries of discovery, knowledge, teaching and learning simultaneously.
I know that if it wasn't for my tribe I would have never reached so many beautiful places. I see them, not so much with my own eyes as through a prism of my tribe and it's eyes.

translated by Eva

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