czwartek, 14 maja 2015


Welcome :)

I am Mada and I love nothing more in the world then traveling and getting to know new places and people.
To the present day I have visited 20 countries ;) I am not racing with anyone, or competing, this number just gives the general idea that I have gained some understanding of the subject.
I don't have a wealthy husband, and I don't work at some big corporation, but yet I manage to travel. If I can satisfy my innate curiosity about what is around the corner, or what view will be unfold over the next mountain - you can too!

I am not particularly brave.
Let 's face the truth;) I am a terrible chicken. Before every major trip I'm dying of fear - will I get lost? will I manage all unexpected situations? will I have enough money? have I packed well? will I get ill? ... I can go on like that to infinity.

I don't have a car!
I mainly get around with the help of public transportation. This does require understanding some additional things, but, it substantially lowers the cost of travel and gives me the opportunity of observing regular people and their everyday life, and is often the perfect excuse to start a conversation at the bus stop or on the bus.

Airplanes and Airports
I will say this - the more often I find myself inside a metal bird, the better I tolerate flying.
It's a fact - airports throw me off my game, and I count on the first 15 minutes of each flight to be the small torture I have to endure in order to enjoy the rest of the trip.

No Splurging!
Hahaha riiight! Of course, I was able to hitch hike across Poland and sleep on the beach (for example) instead of spending money on accommodations. Today, however, I focus on how to travel well on a small budget, but still fly, sleep in hostels or hotels (if I find an offer in my budget), from time to time eat something nice and local in a restaurant. Another words squeeze the maximum amount of comfort from a small budget.

I have not yet visited any exotic places.
I have not been to Thailand, or Japan or in Africa. I note that what makes me a Traveler is an insatiable curiosity of the different. And different can be relatively close. Europe is amazing, as in such a small space there coexist very distinct cultures, mentalities and religions.

Under my Nose
I'm lucky, I live in a beautiful place. And you know what? For years I disliked hiking in the mountains, or surroundings. Open your eyes! You don't have to travel to the other side of the earth to be overwhelmed by by it's beauty. Under each of our noses there is some type of wonder - it could be beautiful scenery, or interesting historical places. Open your eyes, like I did and you will start to notice - and keep in mind - it is not true that these places will remain forever unchanged and you will have plenty of time to discover them :-) Get to it! Take your backpack, go for a walk, and look - today the trees are blooming, in the fall their leaves turn crimson and gold - the same place can be a new adventure every time.

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